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The Dice Mixer
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How we roll

Interlocked construction

Holds together without messy glue, fiddly hinges or destructive fastenings.

Laser-cut precision

Each piece is individually cut from plywood by soulless robots brandishing high-power CO2 lasers.

Solid but compact

The folding dice tray allows for easy storage and transportation while keeping full functionality.

Sustainably made

Each dice tower is made exclusively from natural and sustainable Basswood ply.

Guided assembly

Each dice tower comes with an easy step-by-step pictorial assembly guide.

Simple to use

Get randomized dice every time by just dropping the dice. Good for children and mobility-impaired alike.


Laser-etched with retro style


The development of the Dice Mixer

The Dice Mixer started from frustration at the lack of a good mid-range dice tower readily and easily available. Options started with cardboard disposable dice towers at the low end and sharply transitioned to near-bespoke made-to-order dice towers at the high end. What few mid-level options there were either had serious design flaws or were rough and plain.

Through gradual refinement and upwards of thirty prototypes, eventually the Dice Mixer came to fruition. Manufacturing costs are kept in line by using only a single material, shipping costs are kept low via flat-packing, and end-user effort is minimized through a simplified assembly that does not require any materials or tools; just a workspace and 5-10 minutes.

The Dice Mixer can be produced from virtually any sheet material, but modelling plywood was eventually settled upon for its mixture of durability, aesthetic appeal, easy workability, and environmentally-sustainable supply chain.

If you are interested in stocking the Dice Mixer in your retail or online storefront, or would simply like to purchase one for yourself, we would love to hear from you!

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Wolf Hatch


A Kiwi-American, Wolf is the primary contact person for the Dice Mixer, as well as the product designer. Contact him today!

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